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AreaGames(magari fondare una gilda di dune :P)
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 Post Posted: 12 Gen 2009 - 13:43     Post subject: Post subject: AreaGames(magari fondare una gilda di dune :P)

Today i want to show one of my favorite mmorpg game , i can say its the best for me now
cuz as u know i like anime style character more than real style , so it was hard for me to stay on any game
But with DOMO i stayed more than that , cuz its nice game and worth plying it.

New style with 4 nice races: Shura , Human , sprite , Sylph
and 13 classes that u can take them all !
yes this is one of the special things on it , u can play by all the classes with the same character
u can learn spell from all class and use 5 of them at least on one character

and sure u will find more news think when u play it
so as advice from me give it a try ! i know u will like it

this game is Free ! , so i can say have a nice days on playing for free and having fun
u can see more detailes about it from Aeria site which contain more than domo as online games
so if u r not like me , i mean u dont like anime characters , aeria has another games with real style characters

ok u can check all of this here:
but check domo first "dream of mirror online"

my character name there: Traeter
in onyx server >> add me to friend list when u play it lol
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